Won’t you come to Paris with me?

Let’s run away

from the responsibilities

and world which we know,

let us spend a week

in a room with a balcony

where we saunter out

in the middle of the night

wrapped up in hotel sheets

giggling from the high

off the magic of the city,

starting our days in cafes

with one too many espressos,

our afternoons sauntering through the streets

chronicling our experiences on rolls of film,

our evenings writing as the sun sets

illuminating the page in a majestic pink,

let’s have our most trivial decisions be

whether to spend our evening

under the lights

of the Eiffel Tower,

or sharing a bubble bath

with macarons and champagne

Oh won’t you come to Paris with me-

let’s escape reality

for just a few days

and see how the enchantment

transforms our souls


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