You introduced yourself

we danced across the room

with our gazes met

and smiles matching

I wiped lipgloss from your lips

smeared by other girls

giggling at the stains on your nose

I guided you around the city

we wandered around

walking in circles

before sitting on the sidewalk

speaking of our passions and future goals

you danced in the fountain

I learned about your family

smiling over popsicles

kissing cheeks and necks

until you kissed me in the street

under city lights

as we danced up 5th Avenue

with more moments of our lips pressed together

then apart

looking up at the Empire State Building

dressed in colorful lights

we said our goodbyes

exchanged numbers

and kissed so hard

I lost my balance

we let each other know we were home

showering off the day

but the memories of our hours together

raced through our minds

until we fell asleep

you awoke to my text

and recounted your dream to me

of us giggling in a library

sparked with excitement over books

I dreamt of our next adventure together

of kissing you again

counting down the hours apart

until I can hold your hand again


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