Asking for Help

I’m trying to get help-

I acknowledge the dangerous state of my mind,

I understand I am a threat to myself,

as the darkness of my mind ebbs and flows

spreading through every aspect of my life,

thoughts grow more concerning,

yet as I reach out for help,

for a professional to guide me through this unhealthy state

all I get met with are:

you’re too much of a risk, try elsewhere,

we’re not accepting new patients,

no one available is in-network, would you like to pay hundreds of dollars per visit?

I see signs suicide prevention

as the national day approaches,

call here for help,

we have available resources,

yet a one time call

matched with the lack of regular support

is like standing outside

banging on the window

asking for help

yet the doors are locked

How do we expect

to reduce the rate of this epidemic

when those or reach out for help

are met with disregard


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