Careful with your Words

I find it peculiar when people assume by thinking of your loved ones, the darker thoughts of depression are not as consuming. When in reality it does not ease your decision, or improve your emotions, if anything it complicates them.

It makes me think of the line “I love you but sometimes I’d rather die” in Chelsea Cutler’s song “Sometimes”. There must be recognition while yes you may love people in your life, you cannot always be with them. They may not always be present with you, nor should they have to as they have their own emotional burdens to carry and resolve. The idea of leaving or hurting them can be a difficult one to imagine, yet at the same time, the thought could be taxing. Not wanting to impose additional pressures on them or having them see you in a way which causes to upset their emotions.

I am not saying such statements should not be mentioned, but it is not a solution, and such statements should be dealt with care, understanding what all may be triggered through such words.


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