Why Do You Question?

I find it peculiar

when lovers question my reactions

Questioning when I call them silly

for saying something I was not expecting,

when I smile in between kisses,

when I pull back

and stare at them quietly

in a paused moment

It is often assumed I am lying,

holding back,

I am laughing at them,

or being rude

My intentions are questioned,

tainted with insecure assumptions

I say silly,

when you would normally say stupid,

for I do not believe in using negative words

towards those I love,

planting seeds of self-deprication

I smile in between kisses

because I am happy

to have you there in my arms,

in a moment which seems to perfect to be real

I pull back in silence

to take you in,

so when I return home

in a few hours

or days

I can recall the beauty of your details,

though we may be hundreds of miles apart,

as I fall asleep on the nights I miss you


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