The Power of Words

The most hurtful of words can send you into a downward, tumultuous state. They can spark confusion, anger, depression, anxiety, disbelief, heartbreak, low self-esteem, and an array of other emotions. The words of one person who means a great deal may be harmful, but when your mind begins to spiral, remember the others you hear in the process. Remember those who reach out to pull you back up. For, while one person out of 7.5 billion may send you backwards, there are other voices you may be brushing aside which want you here.

I allowed my mind to overcome me, sparking a depressive state, clouding my vision from a desire to be here. Yet, within 72 hours the ones I loved vocalized concern, I was distracted from the overwhelming voices in my head of negative thoughts, but as I reflect I am impacted by the power of their words:

“You know, if you called me I would have picked you up”

“Do you want to spend the night with me, so you’re not alone with your thoughts?”

“You can call me anytime, I’m always here for you”

“How are you doing after yesterday?”

“I get off work at 9 if you need me”

“Are you doing okay?”

“My heart is with you”

“If you want to FaceTime me until you fall asleep you can”

“Goodnight, I love you”

The power of one voice provoked a chain reaction internally, the power of my voice ignited a battle, which may have ended lethally, but the power of the collective loved ones around me are who defended myself from my thoughts, all I had to do was listen.


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