A New Moment

There is a part of me which holds back,

seeing the patterns

returning to places

I have been with a person from my past,

at times I feel as though I am with a ghost

as you suggest locations I have been before,

sending me pictures

where I have once stood,

recommending a trip

for us to take

to a state she first took me to,

it is not a fault for the similarity

but it triggers a hesitation,

I am trying to find a way to say

I need more of you,

your voice

your touch-


hearing you

here beside me

for you are different from her

in the best way possible

and I would love to rewrite my stories

in these places

with you by my side,

erasing old flashbacks of her growing angry with me

or texting an “ex”,

with images of you 

learning more of your soul,

but my mind jumps to the horrid memories

before I can take it all in 

I need your hand in mine

giving a squeeze

waking me up

to a new moment 


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