The Facts of You Remain

You’re gone

but my mind is still filled

with random facts about you-

dahlias are your favorite flower,

you prefer the color blue,

your upper body tans

while your lower body remains pale,

you enjoy hikes

but often wish to escape to a warm beach,

you take your coffee black

and eggs over easy,

you like Parmesan bagels,

and your voice softens in the morning,

you don’t like to be touched,

but you loved being held by me,

you prefer your skin lightly scratched,

you have to sleep on the right side of the bed

under multiple layers of blankets,

you cut your food while you eat,

you hide your smile when it appears unintentionally,

you’ve held a lot of careers,

and love to help others,

you often speak of your sisters

and while your relationship with your parents has been rocky

they still mean the world to you,

you rarely raise your voice,

but your face expresses your emotions,

you stand with your feet slightly turned out,

you’re not a fan of your birthday,

I could go on for hours- 

you’re gone,

but these facts of you remain


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