Glued to My Phone with You

I was glued to my phone with you, constantly checking for an illumination signifying you’ve responded to my text, refreshing social media for an update, desperately trying to bridge the miles between us. But grasping at this connection innately made me feel more alone, further from you as time continued.

It was only when we said goodbye I realized I was neglecting my surroundings, ignoring the blessings in my life. My presence was faded with those around me as my face was down in my phone. I was not taking advantage of the opportunities I was surrounded by, changing my sleep schedule or dulling my days to be available to you, only you.

Being alone with my thoughts with excessive time after parting from you I began filling my schedule with coffee dates with friends, workout classes, dinners, and adventures around my city. I realized when I was with you I could have lived anywhere and continued my life. But I was not living anywhere, I was residing in the greatest city in the world – New York, but I could have maintained my daily routine anywhere. It was in that moment I realized I needed to make a change – write down plans, fill my calendar with others or with myself, appreciate my surroundings and offerings of living in New York, lead my life for me and better it for my well being.


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