Eyes on the Multitudes

You seemed to have built a home for me in your heart,

the security of your walls

and candle lit light,

perfect for deep conversations –

I had no idea

the doors were locked,

but I rarely tried to exit,

for so long as I had you

I did not see a reason to

It was not until after,

after you’d push me away

to pull me back in

for months on end,

I realized you were not creating a safe space,

you were trapping me

so no one else

had access to my heart,

kept me in the dark,

unable to see the truths

of what you were doing

with others,

I did not realize my wings were clipped,

I should have been able to roam the world freely

and return to you,

but instead

you conquered the outside world as your playground,

luring others

then returning to me

when you wanted my support and affection,

locking me away

for your selfish desires

where I only saw you

and you had your eyes

on the multitudes


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